About Me


Hello! My name is Emily Haws and I’m currently a reporter at The Hill Times, where I cover the public service, Parliament Hill media, and Parliamentary receptions. One of the key issues I’ve covered is the Phoenix pay system, which has left tens of thousands of bureaucrats with pay issues since its launch in February 2016.

In June 2017, I graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Combined Honours in Journalism and Women’s and Gender Studies, with a minor in political science.

I have a wide range of interests, but overall I would call myself a storyteller. I love talking to people and figuring out the glue that holds their communities together.

My first journalism-related job was a  North Bay Nugget paper route when I was 13 years old. Throughout high school I contributed as a bi-weekly columnist for Community Voices, which is a free weekly newspaper published by The Nugget.

After a year of journalism school I marched into The Nugget newsroom asking them to hire me, which turned into two summers on their editorial team. Since then, I’ve completed internships with The Ottawa Citizen and iPolitics.ca; and have freelanced for Maclean’s Magazine’s University Insider’s Report.

In February 2017, I spent two weeks with CBC Radio’s The House and spent that summer working as the morning reporter at The Telegraph-Journal, the largest newspaper in the Brunswick News Inc. chain.

My career aspirations include being a journalist somewhere between Rosemary Barton and Anderson Cooper, and covering stories that matter to people in places they don’t often hear about.

I am keenly interested in reporting on social issues, politics, and science stories. Through my work at The Hill Times, I’ve also developed an interest in public administration.

One day I’d like to report on women’s issues in Afghanistan (a lifelong dream), but we’ll see where my career takes me. For now, Ottawa is where I want to stay.

I graduated in 2013 from Widdifield Secondary School in North Bay, Ont. In grade twelve, I was voted captain of the Near North Student Robotics Initiative, FIRST Team 1305, Ice Cubed, where I was recognized as a Dean’s List Finalist. 2019 marks my ninth year with the organization, as I still actively volunteer at competitions.

When I’m not writing, I can usually be found drinking tea, knitting socks, and journaling in coffee shops. I’m always open to trying new hobbies, so right now I’m taking cooking classes and trying out new recipes.

Life is an adventure, and I plan on living it to its fullest.

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